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Standing on the stage of the world, dancing with the world's top brands ——Directly Hit Hame Germany IFA Exhibition Site
2019/09/12 12:00:20

On September 8th, as one of the world's largest and most influential consumer electronics exhibitions, IFA 2019 International Consumer Electronics Show kicked off in Berlin, Germany. The world's top brands gathered on this world-class stage, new technologies competed and new products shined. Hame is a well-known brand that focuses on the design and manufacture of personal mobile energy storage products. This time, many super fast charge new products will be unveiled at this exhibition.

Walking Into the main building of IFA Global Markets 2019 (S1 Hall), the first booth is the 36-square-meter open booth with 23 product series are neatly and orderly displayed. Hame has launched a series of new products, mainly including 4 categories: PD and QC high-power personal mobile energy storage series, classic fashion fabric personal mobile energy storage series, Qi wireless + wired personal mobile energy storage series, ultra-thin plastic color personal mobile storage series. These series has attracted professional buyers and media around the world to stop and experience.

Hame's first high-power personal mobile energy storage products, H35D and H45D, remarks that the fast-charging of personal mobile energy storage products to a new height, supporting PD60W and QC 27W, multi-cell series design to solve high-power heating problems. It can support a variety of smart digital devices such as laptops, mobile phones, and digital cameras. With the launch of Huawei P30, Samsung Note 10 and many other super fast-charging mobile phones, 18W, 27W, 45W, 60W and other high-power fast-charge personal mobile energy storage products are receiving more and more attention from consumers.

Following the charging pulse of smart devices, hame also carried more wireless mobile energy storage series, as well as 18W fast charging multiple series of new products. More than 180 specifications, regardless of product appearance, or functional indicators, strive to provide one-stop shopping for global brand manufacturers.

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