Professional Power Bank & Qi Charger ODM/OEM Manufacturer

Why Choose Hame ?

Hame production center is located in Shenzhen pingshan new district huahan science and technology industrial park with unique advantages in global trade and logistics. As a professional ODM/OEM power bank manufacturer, we have 10 years experience.We have ownself battery cell factory, SMT production line, mold factory, perfect test equipment and so on. The manufacturing workshop total is 15,000 square meters. The current output production capacity is 1200K per month.

Shenzhen Office

Production Line

Test Equipment

Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber
Secondary Lithium Detection System
Transport Vibration Test
Vibration Test

Drop Test
Capacity Test Battery Short Test
Salt Spray Test

Microcomputer Life Test
Microcomputer Plug-in Life Test
Alcohol Friction Test
Voltage Endurance Test

Intelligent Digital Aging Test

SMT Production Line

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